If you're here, we've probably either shared this link with you or you've noticed our bot visiting your online store. Here's what you're probably interested in understanding about ObcoreBot:

What is ObcoreBot

ObcoreBot is a bot used to collect product information from selected products on retailer websites. This information includes product titles, descriptions, availability, imagery, ratings and reviews as well as positioning in category and search for relevant keywords. It is sent by Shelf Conscious (trading name of Digital Go-To Ltd) on behalf of our clients.

Who are Shelf Conscious?

Shelf Conscious help brands and retailers to optimise their digital shelf experience. We do this by providing technology and services to find and fix issues with the customer experience on retailer websites. For example, we will collect a product title as displayed on a retailer website and compare it with the product title provided by a brand. If there is an opportunity to optimise the customer experience, we will help to close that gap. 

User-Agent Information

We use two default User-Agents:

1) Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Obcorebot/1.0;     +http://www.shelfconscious.com/bot) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko)     Chrome/ Safari/537.36
2) Obcorebot/1.0

IP Information

We will perform requests from the following two IPs (the default IPs from our staging and live environments):- - Whitelisting the bots and/or IPs will ensure a more seamless experience for all parties. 

Note: If we are not able to support brands and retailers using the aforementioned IPs then we may leverage proxies to support IP rotation.

About the Data We Collect For our Shelf Monitoring technology (if in use)

- There are three page types we will collect information from: product pagesearch engine results page(SERP) and category page
- Data will be collected a maximum of once per day, outside of local working hours (we will collect data between the time window of 5pm and 9am). The only exception to this is to support maintenance and/or testing. 
- We collect information on a needs only basis, we never scrape entire sites.
- All data we collect is open facing, public information. The only exception to this is where specific user credentials are provided by the retailer/client. For our Buy Online technology (if in use)
- We check to see if the URL active or if it's started re-directing
- We may leverage the above Shelf Monitoring data or collect individual datapoints to enhance the 'Buy Online' experience (for example, we may check if the product is in stock)

Have Questions? Who Can I Speak To?

We understand that retailers may have reservations and so it's really important that we help you to understand why the data is being collected and the value we bring to you as a retailer. If you have any further questions or require any additional clarity, please contact hello@shelfconscious.com and we'll put you in contact with our leadership to discuss. 

Custom Requests / Alternative to Scraping

To date, we have never had any retailers ask us to stop collecting data and we believe this is related to the value we bring to all parties and our approach to the data collection. 

Should you wish to change the way in which we visit your site, please let us know.

Similarly, should you prefer to provide us with access to an API to collect this data, that is perfectly fine, please get in touch with API documentation and we'll be happy to switch to this method. If you would like us to stop collecting this data altogether, please get in touch and we'll take the necessary steps.