Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My experience with One Book, One Twitter

I started reading American Gods for One Book, One Twitter and have completed it ahead of schedule.
Here are some quick points on my experience:

1) Website - Or the lack thereof. I found that I have to keep searching for posts or tweets for the reading schedule or other information. It would be nice if there is a website dedicated to this project so details about it are all located at one place.

2) Word limit - Sometimes difficult to convey thoughts on each chapter or explain an idea within Twitter's 140 character limit. It is easier to encapsulate everyday life in short tweets but the format is rather limiting for discussion of a story. 

3) Spoilers - I tried not to read #1b1t or the related chapter hashtags too often as spoilers inadvertently popped up. Even though the chapter hashmarks are supposed to reduce the possibility of reading spoilers, it still happens when questions are raised and people who are ahead in their readings try to be helpful and answer them.

4) Schedule - Following the schedule became a real challenge as I found myself ahead of schedule a few times, so I would try and stop and wait for the next week to come along. In the end I lost momentum for a few weeks and had to drag myself back into it. Subsequently I ploughed through the book and finished it and am now just waiting to discuss the ending. Not sure how this issue can be resolved since everyone has different reading speeds.   

I'm glad I participated in this book club though, as I might not have picked up American Gods to read otherwise and it was fun to just read everyone's thoughts on the book (sans spoilers). Will still do it again if there is another #1b1t!


  1. I agree on each point. And also agree that I'm glad I participated. I also may not have read AG. And will also participate again in the next #1b1t if it happens in the future, spoilers be d*mned!

  2. Great summary, I really enjoyed reading the book, but found the online participation for 1b1t to be pretty inaccessible.


  3. As the founder, this is soooo helpful. We want to make this a regular (annual? seasonal?) event. Feedback like this is hugely helpful. Fwiw, I think you're right on all points.

  4. Thanks all for your comments :)
    Jeff, am appreciative that you organised #1b1t and are interested in feedback. It was a fun exercise, so would like to see it as a regular event!

  5. Yeah, I am not sure how this would have worked out if it was the first time that I read the book. I am really worried about spoilers.

    I wonder if there could be a website that had the chapters organized better. It could have the twitter searches all layed out so people could easily avoid spoilers.